The majority of the Trust’s income is used to award scholarships for tertiary education to needy Jewish students, who might otherwise be denied the opportunity of further education.  Scholarships are given on the basis of financial need not academic prowess.  (Though a realistic assessment of the student’s ability to complete the chosen course of study is also considered).

Hardship funds are also provided to selected schools to help Jewish pupils with small grants to enable them to pay fares, buy clothes, books and go on school trips.

A third, but very minor part of the Trust’s funding is to registered charities whose work is consistent with the Trust’s aim – helping Jewish children in need.

Originally set up over 100 years ago to provide residential schooling and vocational training for Jewish boys, many of whom were orphans, the school was sold in the early 1970’s. The proceeds of the sale were used to provide an endowment fund. The income from the fund is used to provide the scholarships and grants awarded.

Registered Charity Number 220917
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