Finnart Scholarships are to make sure that youngsters are not denied the opportunity to go to college or university through lack of funds.  We would like to be able to help more, but our funds are limited. We are currently supporting 115 Finnart Scholars.

The trustees are rigorous in checking the genuineness of applications, all of which have to be supported by the school and referees.  (Do not worry if the school gives you a bad reference as to your aptitude and good behaviour.  We are looking for those in need, not saints.)

Eligible Applicants will normally be those going directly from 6th Form to College, who are under 21 at the start of the course. We do not support postgraduate study.

Scholarships are awarded for the duration of the course, so mostly for 3 or 4 years and occasionally longer, e.g. for medical students.

You will be paid termly, subject to regular satisfactory attendance reports from the college or university. (This sounds more daunting than it is: we just want to know you are attending the course, not partying in Ibiza).

If you are successful in getting a Finnart Scholarship, you will be asked to sign an undertaking that you will keep the Trust informed of any changes in your circumstances or your studies, including any other grants or financial support.

Other Funding

If you are a charity (working for Jewish children in need) seeking support, please understand that the major part of Finnart’s income goes to fund the Finnart Scholars. If you wish to apply, though realising the chances of success are slim, please check by telephone, email or letter before doing so.

If you are a school seeking a hardship fund, please remember that our trust deed restricts our grant giving to Jewish children in need.  We may also require evidence of the eligibility of any pupil.  We will require a report on how any funds have been dispersed.




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